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Basic Correctional Officer Academy

Management and administration of the Basic Correctional Officer Academy conducted by the DuPage, Peoria and Sangamon County Sheriffs Offices transitioned back to the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois. Contact PTI for information concerning upcoming academies at (217)333-6522.

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Executive Issues

Collaborative Partnerships to Solve Community Issues

Picture of the word partnership and teamwork Thriving communities are those where law enforcement is engaged with varied cross sector partners, restoring, and sustaining a community.

Retrieved from www.policeshiefmagazine.org,(Oct 14,2013)

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Mandatory Bi-Annual Physical Fitness Testing

Picture of male bench pressing weightMaintaining fitness and health for public safety officers is essential. Without a mandatory fitness test, it cannot be determined if public safety officers are healthy enough for duty.

Retrieved from www.hendonpub.com, (Oct 14,2013)

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Increasing Organizational Leadership Through the Police Promotional Process

Bar GraphResearch has shown that the current design of police organizations does not support change easily.

Retrieved from www.fbi.gov,(Oct 14,2013)

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Criminal Intelligence Practices

Picture of Interconnected Balls Representing a NetworkOne of the major trends in law enforcement has been changing expectations regarding criminal intelligence practices among state, local, and tribal (SLT) law enforcement agencies. Enhancing intelligence efforts has emerged as a critical issue for the prevention of terrorist acts as well as for addressing criminal threats.

Retrieved from The International Association of Chiefs of Police, Police Chief Magazine,(June,2012)

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Police Chief Direct Recruitment to Bypass Constable Rank

Image English Police Officer standing in front of Big BenThe UK has announced plans to allow direct entry into the highest ranks of policing, ending 180 years of tradition.

Retrieved from http://www.bbc.co.uk,(October,2013)

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Preparing the Emergency Response Commmunity for Hybrid Targeted Violence

Picture of Emergency Response VehiclesThe emergency response community must function as one team delivering maximum force to neutralize threats and save lives.

Retrieved from The International Association of Chiefs of Police, Police Chief Magazine,(October, 2013)

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What's New at the Executive Institute

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Executive Institute April Newsletter

In this issue, the editorial staff recognizes April as stress awareness month. The criminal justice community is challenged with keeping its most critical resource safe, the men and women that serve. The 2012 Stress in America survey found that stress is slightly declining but continues to impact young adults.

Law enforcement officers recognize that stress is part of the profession and working conditions. In the past, police culture did not recognize stress as a problem affecting their officers. However, there is now plenty of evidence and research showing that unmanaged stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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In The Spotlight

Photo of undercover police officer taking suspect into custody

Police-Corrections Partnerships: Collaborating for Strategic Crime Control

State and local governments across the country are facing reduced budgets. Law enforcement agencies and correctional entities are experiencing residual effects through unprecedented staff reductions and declining resources. These reductions affect community services, including public safety, and impact the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, community expectations do not decline with the economy. Agencies are challenged to find new and creative ways do more with less. One way is to share resources and drive strategic crime control together.

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