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Management and administration of the Basic Correctional Officer Academy conducted by the DuPage, Peoria and Sangamon County Sheriffs Offices transitioned back to the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois. Contact PTI for information concerning upcoming academies at (217)333-6522.

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Article Police Deadly Force Training: A Problematic Potpourri of Programs
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Page 32   Total Pages   15
Author(s) Gregory Morrison
Issue June 2013
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Abstract The report from the Police Firearms Training Survey¹ (PFTS) administered in 2008 was distributed to the hundreds of participating police departments,² along with presentations of various findings at academic and practitioner conferences (e.g., Morrison, 2008b, 2009). This article comprises the first such journal publication and, as such, focuses on key findings and major recommendations of potential usefulness to trainers, training supervisors and managers, and executives regarding officer preparedness for deadly force and other high-risk encounters. While departments of all sizes participated in the PFTS, this project was particularly focused on medium-sized departments defined for the purposes of this study as having from 100 to 249 sworn personnel. These departments had either minimal or no representation in two previous studies on firearms/deadly force training: (1) a statewide survey in Washington during the late 1990s that focused on smaller departments and their instructors (Morrison, 2005, 2006b) and (2) a 2001 survey targeting large municipal and urban county police and sheriff's departments, along with state police and highway patrol departments (Morrison, 2006a).
Articles are $4.00 and only available by downloadable Acrobat PDF.